Laba provides consulting services for Residential and Commercial projects. Our extensive experience as a neutral side benefits the project we are consulting on.

By not providing any services to the project (not selling you anything) we can make sure that you are getting the right contractors, that they are using the right materials, and charging fairly for their services.

Later in the project we come in, and take pictures and video (which you ultimately get) to document the project before the closing of the walls to make sure you got all the wiring in place. In the final stages, we help check that all equipment is running and programmed correctly.  

We are partners with a Crestron Authorized Independent Programming company .  We provide Crestron Programming to Audio Video companies as well as private individuals and companies.  By providing Crestron programming to other companies we learn and know even more about our business.  

We are proud to have recently done a couple of Crestron programming jobs for NASA inside Edwards Air Force Base.  Here is the link for the pictures.

Security Consulting

With our background from the Israeli defense forces we consult and install high end security systems residential and commercial accounts. Laba Communications has experience building the CP (command post) for the executive protection guards to secure the property. We work with Executive protection firms around the globe to secure their clients and prevent intrusion. All events are recorded from a few angles and we had great success delivering good video to law enforcement when it was needed for their investigation.

Laba Communications travels around the globe to provide consulting for security applications or when clients have concerns that need to be addressed.

Laba Communications is currently providing some services and solutions for the law enforcement community.